Integrating the Expertise of Designers, Contractors & Owners to Enhance Quality & Certainty of Design Outcomes

The construction industry has witnessed a rise of collaborative design in an effort to tackle greater complexity of projects and supply chain disruptions. However, true success requires the establishment of a common language between partners and an accurate overview and flow of project data, which is challenging in a traditionally siloed industry.

At the Advancing Design Collaboration 2023 you will have the chance to join HCA Healthcare, Gilbane Building Company, HDR Architects, Mark III Construction and 100+ other industry leaders as they come together to address both the industry-wide and project-specific changes that need to be made to procurement strategies, workflows, culture and technology to establish more cooperative environments.

 At the inaugural Advancing Design Collaboration 2023 you’ll:

Discover how to set your project team up for success to ensure a sense of responsibility and accountability towards collective goals

Gain a better understanding of the tasks, responsibilities, and priorities of your project partners for the establishment of productive long-term partnerships

Develop the most effective people, contract, and technical strategies for time, cost, and performance efficiencies

Explore how to ensure data availability, data alignment, and design consistency to allow all project partners to have access to an accurate project representation at any stage

Learn from real life projects delivered by forward-thinking collaboration-oriented AEC professionals to take away actionable points to apply in your own work